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45 ACP Loads

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I have loaded 45 ACP a long time but usually loaded cast 185 gr SWC and 230 gr copper plated RN.


Just starting to load for Wild Bunch at SASS shoots. Noticing that with 230'gr cast RN bullets I get a visible ring/bulge in my casings at the base of the bullet. The bullets mic to .452. The loaded cases fall right in and out of the case gauge and function in my 1911's.


Anyone else experience this?

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What you are seeing is a real tight sizing die which is reducing case diameter down to about 0.468" or so.    Then you shove the expander button in it, just wide and deep enough to get the bullet to fit with a little tension, and a LITTLE bit of flare at the very mouth to ensure bullet starts straight. 


As BD already stated, it's very normal.    Function trumps perfectly pretty all day long.   


You could hone out the sizer die with some carbide based grinding/polishing compound - if it is a carbide die.  Or with a normal adjustable reamer if it is a steel die.  But I wouldn't bother.  All my match ammo is slightly wasp-waisted.


A flat-based slug will leave a lot more visible ridge showing at the slug's base than a bevel-based slug.  And check OAL of your loaded rounds.  Most 230 grain slugs are very long behind the nose.  The base can be extending way down in the case if you seat deep.  Seat them deep enough that the curve of the nose ogive starts RIGHT at the mouth of the case - if you seat deeper, the case mouth is unsupported, and if shallower, the nose starts to hit factory barrel throat and lands.


Good luck, GJ

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