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WB RO Class at Legends Four Corners Regional

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There will be a Wild Bunch RO class at the Legends Four Corners Regional. The class will start 1 pm Sunday, April 22, at the shotgun venue at the range. There is a soft drink machine there, if you want a snack, bring your own drink and food. Also bring writing materials. NO FIREARMS OR AMMUNITION. Each attendee should print off their own class materials from SASS web site and read before class, the links are below:





Instructors will be J. Frank Norfleet and Boggus Deal. Class will consist of a presentation, written and practical test. The cost is ten dollars for a new WB RO, no charge for auditing.  To sign up for the class or more information email me at: gnat@tularosa.net or call 505-563-0545.


You must print and study the two handbooks before class!!!



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Today's class was excellent, and J Frank Norfleet, Boggus Deal and Lil Italy deserve kudos for putting it on.  Now, with all these new RO's attending the match, some of us veteran RO's can get a break from TO duties every now and again.  It was also nice to receive clarification on a few of the new rulings from Happy Jack as well.
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