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Wild Bunch Posses for EOT

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I'd guess we'll have one or two posses shooting a set of bays on Saturday that the rest of the posses won't shoot till later in the match.


And, dang it troopers, thanks for waiting to sign up till the last minute.  Now with 5 posses all of a sudden, I've got to round up another 3 of our Boy Scouts each of the three match days for brass picking.  I hope you pards can tip 'em some, they always need some new equipment.


Good luck, GJ

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I notice that CD Tom has made the WB posses.  I'm curious if anyone knows what the posse schedule will be as there are 5 posses but we only shoot 4 stages on each day.


Or, nobody told CD Tom the set up.  Lets see, 16 divided by 4 is 4.  The average posse size would be 20, still a nice posse size.



Edit: That sounds real critical.  Apologies!  We shoot 12 stages and probably 6 bays.  There will be plenty of space to rotate through with 5 posses in 3 days.


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