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Questions about what is liked best at a state match?

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Ok all I've got a question. I went to the Oklahoma state wild bunch match a couple of weeks ago and came away really impressed. They had 37 shooters and 18 shooters for bamm.  I always make plans to attend this match due to the fun and great friends. What motivates you as a shooter to attend one state level match over another?




Course of fire

Amount of shooting to little/ to much......if that's possible

Prize pool of drawings

Side matches

Evening entertainment

What else?

I already know the big reasons for not going would be Time,Money and Health but I want to know what attracts you as a competitor to a certain match.


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Course of fire for me. You can throw as much other stuff in that you want and it won't make up for a poorly designed match. Entertainment, banquets, and door prizes are bottom of the list for me, could care less if they had any of those, they drive up the entry fees that keep some from attending.


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1. Travel requirements and cost

2. Match design

Everything else is secondary and likely tolerated or overcome.


Repeat business would be determined by the total package.  The atmosphere at the TX State Match is created by the characters in the game.  There are many great characters are at this match, a pleasure to shoot with!

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