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While I weigh and sort cast bullets by weight, and weigh each powder charge, I don't weigh or sort cases by manufacturer, but use R-P, Winchester, WW, FC, Hornady, etc (but not military brass) however they come our of the tumbler.  Maybe I'm missing something here thinking that this is not Bench Rest competition.


Does anyone separate cases by manufacturer and by weight?


Has anyone actually related variations in group size to weight or case manufacturer?



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Here's my HO -

No need to segregate cases and bullet weights when down at 1600 FPS with cast bullets.  Cast or buy good quality slugs.  Use careful loading techniques, especially with getting a nicely expanded case mouth that won't damage  the slugs.  Find the load your rifle likes.


Then practice hard.  Shoot all sorts of ranges. Write down in your dope book what you find for elevation and wind hold-offs every time you shoot.  Shoot positions,  Shoot in wind.  Shoot so you know how fast you can go and still clean easy, medium and hard target sizes.  In other words, shoot as if you are "Sniper, First Class, One Ugly Dangerous."   


None of that takes lots of benchrest type loading skill or equipment.


Good luck, GJ

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One Point that was made on this post was recommended that it was not needed to segregate your brass by head stamp. That does work pretty good.  If you want to Maximize your performance from your rifle this is what you can do.  First sort all brass by head stamp.  You can take the time to trim to the correct OAL.  Next weigh each piece and sort by weight this takes a little time but it pays off in the long run.  Keep the brass segregated by weight using a small deviation for each group. You only have to do this exercise once.  This small exercise will improve your Rifle performance quit a bit.  Pressure and velocity is greatly affected by case thickness and volume even at the lower FPS that we shoot in the BAMM Rifles



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