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An interesting story about oil..or how long will your WB pistol run before clean


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Well, that 4.4 grain load will be STIFF.  Hodgdon's max load is 4.3.  Ouch. 


Your 4.0 grain load should be plenty.  If your gun is like Hodgdon's test gun , that load will make 775 FPS, or 178 PF.


good luck, GJ 


Ha Ha!  GJ that 4.4 grain load WAS hot!  I was thinking that you must have tougher hands that I do, because even my support hand was hurting.  Through the chrono, the MV was 725 fps with 4.4 grains WST. 


I'd cross-checked your recommendation with Lymans Cast Bullet and 48th Manual, saw that the max load for a 225gr cast bullet was 4.7grains WST so 4.4 didn't seem out of line for a 230.


I also loaded 100 rounds with 4.0 grains upon recommendation from Dusty Boddams.


The average MV was 695 fps with 4.0 grains of WST for a PF of 160, except for two of the ten rounds indicated 621 fps, and that is alarming because the PF was 143.  When I checked powder weight while reloading on a 550B, every 10 rounds of so, the weight was spot-on at 4.0 grains.  If the MVs are averaged during a PF check, I'd be OK but if the DQ happens if ANY round is under PF I'd be SOOL.


To hedge a bit in the future, I'll use 4.1 grains and chrono on the next trip to the range.


One difference I noted between WST and Trail Boss where both are running at 695 to 700 fps:  the felt recoil impulse with Trail Boss is less.  And that's been true with TB compared to other powders in other cartridges including 7.5x55 and 45-70.



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GS, that 621 sounds like an anomaly. My deviation is usually about 10 or so. WST is very consistent.  I don't know if something odd happened but I would repeat the test. Fred and Travis also use this exact load...... We are shooting coated bullets and getting 710 or so for a pf of 163-165
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Yes indeed, an unusual powder drop twice (that I know of), and I don't know where in the string of reloads that it happened. The reservoir is half-full of powder too.  Before I load again, I'll inspect the powder measure but that 550B has been stroking along without problems since forever.  It loads all of the 45ACP, consistent with Trail Boss.


These are not coated bullets.  I'm saving the coated ones for the important match in November!

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Cherry Balmz black rifle grease is what i use on all my firearms. I've never experienced any product make a gun perform quite as long as this. My ar15 and sig mpx both haven't been cleaned since applied and have hundreds of rounds through each(mpx close to 900rds). My Wildbunch 1911 had not been cleaned after 14+ (25-30rds stage) stages without slowing down or hiccuping, i cleaned it before heading to EOT just to be cautious, not because it gave me a reason to do so.

Just what i use and like since this post was about gun oil and longevity.

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Once again, the 1911 shows that it runs ammo very differently depending upon what gun you're shooting it through.


Lyman handbook shows a 230 grain slug loaded on top of 4.0 WST to make 775 FPS


GS got:

The average MV was 695 fps with 4.0 grains of WST for a PF of 160


This reinforces what WB shooters have known for a good while -

You MUST check your 1911 loads over a chrono at similar conditions to the match you will be shooting, or else you need to at least try to hit a 165 PF so you will have some wiggle room when you get to a match!


Good luck, GJ

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