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Allie Mo no e please help me

Lone Dog

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Yes ma'am well it is happening again. I try to open the regular Wire and see this:


Sorry, you don't have permission for that!

You are not allowed to visit this community.


Need help?

then it gives a coupla click on links one of which is labeled "Contact the community administrator"


but clicking on that link takes you to a blank page


Very frustrating

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I never sign out. It shows I am still signed in just not allowed to visit this community...


In fact, when this "error" message is there it will not allow me to sign out or access anything

What browser are you using? It may be a problem with it. Try another browser or try resetting the browser and or deleting the cookies.
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I have always used Firefox for this forum and the regular Wire


This morning the SASS Wire came right on up as per usual.


The problem only pops up on occasion say  1 out of 10 start ups but when it does I may as well forget about reading the Wire that day come back tomorrow

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Lone Dog, I also use Firefox, had this problem one day this month or last month.  I always use the same settings in Options:  'Always Use Private Browsing', 'Allow Cookies from Visited Sites'.  And periodically I 'Clear History'.  I don't know that I did anything to fix the problem - it just went away.  Suggest signing out when you finish browsing the WB forum, occasionally use the Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL) to close Firefox completely, then restart. Update to version 50.1.0.
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Hi Lone Dog,


I haven't been here in a while and just saw this.


I found where you were bumped on the Error Logs on the day you started this thread. I found that IP address on the ban list with an * (70.195.192.*) instead of the final node, labeled SPAM. That means all posts coming from that provider in that location are bumped as spam. I found it belongs to Verizon and have deleted it from the ban list.


Also, I see you have logged on from 15 different IP addresses since Jan. 21. That one shows as being in the middle of the Trinity River in downtown Dallas, between Singleton Blvd. and W. Main St. LOL! It is listed as having SPAMmers by Honey Pot. The forum uses Honey Pot to weed out SPAMmers. That may be how it got flagged. If we get SPAM from it again, I may need ban it and have you not log on from near there so that IP address is not used.


If this is Greek to you, it may be helpful to jog my memory if we start getting SPAM from there. :-)





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