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I wanted to be certain of the rules regarding the holster prior to getting another.

I believe the rule states that the leather must go to the MUZZLE END of the ejection port.  Is this just on the right side of the pistol or also on the top of the slide as well?  How much of the top of the slide has to be covered by the holster?


Are there limits as to how much the holster can be canted or how much it projects from the body/hip?



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Leather needs to come to the leading edge of ejection port, at least all the way around gun.  No slots cut down the front of holster to let you clear leather faster.


I would expect the Cowboy rule of no holster can deviate more then 30 degrees from vertical (as worn) would be enforced.  Haven't seen severely raked leather brought to WB matches.  Since there is only one draw per stage out of leather and no return to leather on the clock, the holster makes less difference to your stage time than you might think.  If you have to optimize something, it is your mag change times and minimizing your shot-split time to achieve 100% hit accuracy at any reasonable range.



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