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Making a 97 hold 6


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I have a Norinco 97, I bought the 6 round conversion kit and it works good.  I also have a 97 E model made in 1911, I didn't want to spend the money for a second 6 round kit, so I used a magazine spring from a Remington 870.  The E model will just hold 6 rounds, by about 1/8 inch and it seems to work ok too with my reloaded shotshells.  I don't know if factory shotshell ammo is shorter or longer than reloaded ammo.  Can anyone answer that?
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I didn't think they were.  I have another 97 that was willed to me by another cowboy shooter.  It is in the shop now to have it worked on and made to hold 6. Gunsmith is cutting the follower, flare it and cut the spring, then open the forcing cone etc.
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My reloads are made to come out just slightly shorter than factory Remington STSs. 


As pointed out, Factories hold length to fairly loose specifications.


Reloads - hold to even less length uniformity between all the types of presses and loads that folks make.



If you are concerned, measure what shell length works if you load 6 in your magazine, and make sure not to load shells longer than that!


Good luck, GJ

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