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Alcan #5

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  Pards;  Acquired a 3# round paper/cardboard canister, metal top & bottom, of Alcan #5 smokeless  shotgun powder.  I can't find it listed on my powder burn rate chart to give me an idea of how hot it is.  Anybody familiar with this powder?  Is it suitable for .45 ACP?  All suggestions will be helpful.



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Last sold about 1975.    So old that loads for it were for hulls and wads that are no longer available.  And that was back when shotshell powder did not get listed very often in the handgun loading data section.  It was a rather slow powder, so it was only recommended for 1 1/8 and mostly 1 1/4 field loads.  So, not all that useful for Cowboy loads.


It would make great lawn fertilizer, though.


Good luck, GJ


Here's a post showing an old AL5 load with Win AA hulls:



And another showing .45 auto and .45 Colt loads, but read it carefully as there is bad data in part of it:


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Found my oldest Lyman reloading manual today - the 1970-dated 45th edition. 


Unfortunately, the Lyman technicians wrote that they only had time to research and publish Alcan #8 powder loads, out of the several powders that Alcan was still making at the time.  So, I found no Alcan #5 data in my best hope for old data.


Sorry, GJ


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Without going into my archives:

.45 Auto

cast bullet #452488, 195gn: Alcan 5; start 5.8gn, Max 8.5gn

Hdy LSWC, 200gn; 9.5gn (someone's pet load, no start or max data)

Spr TMJ-SWC, 200gn; 8.0gn (someone's pet load, no start or max data)




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