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As best as I can remember it went like this:


Idaho Sixgun Sam - Lady Modern

Second Fiddle Sue - Lady Modern Senior

Lacey D'Oyly - Lady Traditional

Lawless Lill - Lady Traditional Senior

Last Chance Morales - Modern

General Jubal Early - Modern Senior

Garrison Joe - Traditional

Tex - Traditional Senior


Mens Overall -  Last Chance Morales

Lady Overall - Idaho Sixgun Sam

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I just got home. Apparently there were some problems with the scoring due to the WRONG number of required targets on some of the stages. It does not appear that the corrections will change any of the winners. Just cleaning up some issues with overall stage winners. Corrected results should be posted soon.


I don't know the absolute reason for the mistakes but I suspect that they were due to the incorrect round count listed in the shooters handbook for some of the stages. Changes will be MINOR.

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