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Question on front site for Mil Spec

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My stainless steel Colt Mil Spec has black back and black "pinned" front sites.  At the recent Winter Range Wild Bunch Championship, (the Main Match)  I really had trouble seeing my black front site in the early morning sun on the black painted targets.  Now, according to the rules, for Traditional, you may only use black, blued or stainless for your sites.  With a pinned front site, does anyone have any suggestions on changing my front site, probably to stainless?  I know the rules don't specify but why couldn't brass be used?  Then you could have one of the BFS sites put on.

Thanks in advance 


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You read the rules right.  A sight on a Traditional 1911 has to be black blue or stainless.  No other colors.


I've never seen a "pinned" front sight on a 1911.  I think you mean the standard factory sight attachment of staking the lower tenon of the front sight blade into a slot cut all the way through the slide.  If you replace a staked front sight, PLEASE go to a dovetail mounting system, or sooner or later you will buck any staked replacement target sight off the slide.


To get to the best sights that are allowed on a 1911 for Wild Bunch Traditional, you should have a tall, high visibility black sight front and rear.  Stainless front sight would probably not show any different shooting into low-angle early morning sunlight.  It sure wouldn't in an early morning EOT match facing due east! 


If you don't have a tall rear sight, the 10-8 NM or the Harrison Retro rear sight blades are legal.  Here's what the Harrison is:



And the 10-8 sight is very similar.  Then a tall front sight, preferably dovetailed into the slide, to match the height. 


If you need one sourced, try Les Baer's front sight:



I've got vision problems at times and can't see some sights well.  But I shoot Traditional and use the 10-8 NM rear and a tall black front sight dovetailed into slide, as I described, and it's the best you can do with a Traditional gun, IMHO. 


If you need easier sights, you have to go to a Modern category where any color (except a fiber sight) is allowed on sights.  THERE you could have a brass front sight. 


Colt as far as I know does not label any of their pistols as "Mil-Spec".  That name is Springfield's.


Good luck, GJ

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