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Winter Range WBAS National Championship

Boggus Deal

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First, I want to say to the Winter Range committee and Arizona Rangers that I cannot thank you enough for hosting such a wonderful match!!!! I am always in awe of the way the whole match is ran. From registration to the awards and everything in between! Been going since 2010 and overall it keeps getting better and better.

Second, to my friends and competitors that help make it such a great match! I can't imagine shooting this sport without all of you!

I can't begin to name all of you!

Lastly, to the Wild Bunch Committee; Happy Jack, Texas Jack Morales and Evil Roy. Thank you all for seeing that we get to play!



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Congrats on a your win, BD!!


I thought that the Wild Bunch Action Shooting match this year at last fulfilled the promise of what the title "WBAS" implies.  For the first time, I really enjoyed shooting a WBAS match at this level.  The stages were well designed, the ranges were reasonable but far more challenging than a cowboy match, and, honestly, I thought whoever designed the match for Winter Range got it damned close to right.  I'll do it again next year, in a heartbeat, if it's going to be an action match like this one was.


Big fun, and highly recommended!  :D :D







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