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Will Lynchem

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Good evening gentleman,  I just discovered this forum and thought I would sign up. My name is Dennis and my Sass alias is Will Lynchem. Sass # 99703. I've been shooting CAS for just under 2 years but have a long shooting history as well as reloading and competing in long range silhouette,  600 and 1,000 yard bench rest. I think I just got bored with punching holes in paper targets that you can't see with the naked eye.  I now mostly shoot Western 3 gun with the Deadwood Boys and now Wild Bunch with the Hole in the Wall Gang out of Piru Ca. I also shoot sass with the same people and with some really nice folks out of Ojai Valley gun club.

Now that thats over,  I am planning to attend Winter Range for the first time this year.  I have never shot in a big event such as this. Only local monthly matches.  I don't want to step on any toes, so I'm asking for any advice on what to do or not to do to get through this relatively unscathed. I've already been told to shot fast and don't miss. As for me I think I will shoot slow and safe and hope I hit something!  But if any of you veterans have any words of wisdom,  I'm all ears. Well thats it, looking forward to meeting some of you at Winter Range.  Sincerely,  Will Lynchem.

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Wild Bunch is a game of reliability.  There's more movin' parts and good scores are HIGHLY dependent upon your 1911 and ammo running flawlessly, and your mag changes being smooth and speedy.  Same with shotgun, too. 


So, load like your life depends on the quality of the ammo.  No ugly ammo - no untested loads.  Practice as much as you can between now and WR.  Figure out what you are going to do on every type of gun and ammo failure.  Practice clearing jams and recovering from mag drops  or kicked out live rounds at inopportune times.


Then shoot fast, don't miss and have confidence in each stage plan before you walk to the line.


Good luck, GJ

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Last year was my first WR.  Also, the largest WB shoot I have ever attended.  All went well if somewhat slow.  Even though my times were nothing to write home about, it was all good fun.


Everyone was super helpful.  If you can swing it shoot the WB match at Cowtown on Friday.  Lots of good guidance when the chips aren't all down.



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