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Winter Range actual round count


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The stages are still being refined as we speak but as of now I will give you the round count.  This is main match only and does not include side matches, warm up matches, etc.  Bare minimum.  It also does not include any changes to the stages which may have to be done to make them work better.  Don't be crying to us because you did not bring enough rounds if things change. Pistol 205 rounds, Rifle 79 rounds, Shotgun 56 rounds.  One stage has 25 pistol rounds and the rest are 20.  The rifle is used on all but one stage. There are stages with 6,5,4 8 and 10 shotgun rounds. Be prepared.  Please also remember you cannot make up shotgun, rifle or pistol misses but you can reload a jammed or thrown out round. Be prepared.  Again this is not a for sure finale until the match actually starts.  Side matches as of now.  Speed Pistol  10 rounds.  Speed Rifle 10 rounds.  Speed Shotgun 6 rounds.  Team Shotgun 4 rounds per team member. Long Range BAM 10 rounds. Long Range 1911 5 rounds.


We still need more side match help.  Any questions just ask and I will try to answer.

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