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St. Judes Charity Shoot has gone WILD!!!

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The St. Judes CAS Charity Shoot, held May 23, 24 & 25 at Milan Illinois, will also host a 3 stage Wild Bunch Match on Friday, May 23rd, starting at 1:00 pm sharp!    This will be a full fledged, 20 pistol rounds, 10 rifle and 6 plus shotgun per stage shoot.      Not sure what the entry fee will be but, who cares, it's for the kids!!!      BTW, you can use your .38's it you want, because it's, "For the Kids"        :More info on the shoot can be found here  http://www.shadycree...Charity2014.htm
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FYI,  we had 24 shooters sign up for Wild Bunch on the spot for the Friday shoot.  For the weekend, which obviously included the 10 stage cowboy shoot, raffles and auctions, over 150 shooters raised over $41,000 dollars for St. Judes Children Hospital!!!!

Special thanks to Cardboard Cowboy for the donation of a "one of a Kind" 1911.  Which was on the auction and brought $4200.  And if I'm not mistaken,  HE bought it back!!

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