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Clay's vs Claydot

Nawlins Kid

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Recently I was able to purchase a 8 lb container of Claydot. I normally use Clays but I was getting low on powder. Yesterday the temp was around 60 degs. overcast with occasional sprinkling of rain, an anomaly here in Western NY in Nov.


My Crony digital is 10 + years old so results may be different with a newer models. I used Remington primers and mixed brass.


I normally use 3.7 grains of Clay's and 230 gr. bullet which produces around an average of 751 FPS.  This come out to 172 PF 


The same load with Claydot produced an average of  737 FPS which is a 169 PF


The next load was 3.9 grs. CD which produced an average of 777 FPS. which is a 178 PF.

The last load was 4.0 grs . CD which produced an average of 780 FPS  which is a 179 Pf


The interesting thing was the Claydot had a smaller spread of speed ( in fact all three loads had duplicate speeds) than Clay's


So ClayDoy can be use with Clay's data with a more consistent FPS



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Yep, those numbers are consistent with my testing and use.  I almost always find 0.1 or 0.2 extra grains of CD is needed to maintain exactly the same velocity as Clays in pistol cartridges.


You will also find that CD is not cold sensitive like Clays has been.  Haven't had a chance to test any Canadian Clays yet - all I have is Australian-produced Clays.


Good luck, GJ

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