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State Wild Bunch Side match


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I was reading the SASS CAS state match rules for the Match Event under bullet #3 it states:

"Any side match that uses the "Wild Bunch" name MUST follow SASS Wild Bunch rules with the respect to firearms and ammunition." I am wondering if a 4 stage side match at a state shoot, may use 7 rounds in a magazine instead of 5 rounds. The Wild Bunch handbook says the firearms shall be .40 caliber or larger rifle, 1897 pump, and a 1911 of 45acp caliber. There is no mention in the side match portion of the WBHB that only 5 rounds must be used in a magazine. So is 7 round magazines ok for a side match at state shoots?

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So GJ, maybe my next question has been answered before, but how or why was it determined and by whom to just load the magazine with 5 rounds instead of 7? Knowing that Wild Bunch is not cowboy action shooting with a 1911. I'm not trying to stir up any trouble here, just asking why 5 rounds instead of 7.


TriggerHappy Ted



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