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Henry Original Legal but not Henry Big Boy


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Just want to make sure I got the rules right.


Rifles  or  carbines  used  in  the  main  and  team  matches  must  be  original  or

replicas  of  lever  or  slide  action  rifles  manufactured  during  the  period  from

approximately  1860  until  1899,  incorporating  a  tubular  magazine  and  exposed


The Henry Big Boy rifle is not approved for sanctioned matches.

Wild Bunch rifle requirements, page 9 of WB Shooter's Handbook


:)  Do you really know just how different those two rifles are? 

Or is it you can't read?  Or is this just stirring the pot?

Sorry, but your question seems to be just an old and weary argument dressed up in a pinafore to make it seem attractive.


OK, let's for a second assume this is an honest question.  Yes, you have read the rules correctly.  The Henry Big Boy is not allowed for sanctioned Wild Bunch matches.  Why?  Because the gun is not a close enough replica of a lever gun made in the allowed time period.


(It also does not run very smoothly or fast, has no speed parts available, it a pain to load, and it's just ugly.  And the company producing it decided they could take on the name of a very historic company from back in the 1860s, probably to add some cachet or weight to their product line.)







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Jeez Garrison, take a chill pill.  A newbie asking questions.  So what if they are the same questions that have been answered a thousand times.  They weren't here when they were answered the last time.  And the search function on this site is horrible.  Rarely will it take me back to a thread I read here months ago. So I no longer use it.  And so what if someone stirs the waters, who cares.  Maybe if there was a little debate here this site would have some traffic.


Lost Vaquero, the Big Boy is not legal.  A lot of folks have bought them and they are horrible.  If you are truly considering a Henry original post a link to its description and the powers that be will tell you if that rifle is legal.  Hint, if there is any question, it is probably not legal.

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The discussions you found were almost certainly about non-sanctioned Wild Bunch matches.  For those local matches that follow rules sets devised by other than the SASS Wild Bunch rules committee, you go by those local rules, whicih you usually can get by contacting that particular match director. 


For state and higher Wild Bunch matches sanctioned by SASS headquarters, you follow the published rules in the Shooter's Handbook, unless that particular sanctioned match has been allowed to run under a variation to a published rule that is to be followed at that match.  Such variations to standard rules should certainly be discussed at the safety meeting before the match.


Like at EOT, a solid bullet fired over the back berm is a Match DQ.



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