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44 Special & 45 ACP - Any Chrono for Trail Boss, Tite Group?

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I've been using 44 Special 180 grain RNFP bullets with 4.5 gr Trail Boss and 45 ACP 230 gr RN with 4.0 gr TB  but don't have a handle on Velocity other than what is claimed in reloading data tables. 


I also have on hand but have not used TiteGroup.


Does anybody have Chrono results for 44 Special and 45 ACP  loads with these bullet weights and TB and TG?


My local supplier has no other bullet weight in 44 but 240 grain, and I didn't want to be that heavy but if necessary to make PF I could adapt!


I have some Clays but hope to dedicate that to 40 S&W reloads as it's reportedly not readily available until late this year (f then).



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Also be careful about your bullet weights.  I see that you are using 180gr wich is the absolute minimum.  If the bullets are underweight they will not make it through inspection.  179.9gr would be beow minimum.

Most shooters that I know do not go below 185gr.



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