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Cheap 1911 Holsters suitable for WB

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Holsters are no where near as critical to success in WB as they are in Cowboy, because only one draw occurs and most importantly, that handgun never gets reholstered on the clock. 

So, if a holster holds the gun presented for as fast a draw as you are capable of, and you can run and bend over to touch your knees with the gun holstered but not strapped in, it should not matter how much it costs.   Avoid retention straps that sometimes get in your way or take ANY time to undo.  I like just the fit of the holster to do the retention. 

That said, I use and love Mernickle rigs.  GJ

PS Actually, the quality and ease of use of the mag holders are much more important than the holster design, as a shooter uses them 3 - 5 times every stage.

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11 hours ago, Abe E.S. Corpus said:

Most holsters made to fit a single action revolver will serve for Wild Bunch.  Drop your 1911 in and confirm that it covers the slide forward of the ejection port.  If so, you’re good.

I'm currently using my single action holster.

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20 hours ago, Deacon KC said:

BB, your Armed Forces used Browning High Powers for a long time. If you can find holsters for that gun, many will fit a 1911 well.


As far as I know they still do (called the Self-loading pistol 9mm Mark 3) I hated it as it always bit me on the web of the hand enough to bleed badly.


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