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1911 Magazine Release rule change?

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The  recent rule release has the following regarding mag releases under "common parameters" (i.e., applying to both traditional and modern guns) :   - Standard length magazine release only- it may not be extended or oversized.

This is a change (and a very unwelcome one for "modern" shooters, as extended (but not oversized mag releases had previously been allowed in the Modern category).  What gives?  Why the change?  I thought the idea was to make Wild Bunch more open and inclusive?  Do I need to go out and buy new standard length mag releases for my 3 match 1911s ro be legal again (and then not be able to reach the mag release with my short thumbs without completely changing my grip)? Is it possible this was a mistake in the  new handbook? 

Are we going to ban the beavertail safeties next?

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1 hour ago, Flying W Ramrod said:

Stand by for clarifications. Contact your WBTG to get the changes you want started.


OK.  Tried to have it raised  in the  TG meeting last night but it was reported back to me that  because the WB TGs are organized yet, they weren't discussing any rule changes.  Our TG could not make it to EOT.  I sent the issue through the CAS TG and the WB TG from another club.  

A number of clubs haven't even selected a WB TG yet.

I will have our TG try to raise it.  In the meantime I will be shooting a State Match in 3 weeks with illegal pistols.

But again, why this change?  I do not recall it being mentioned in any of the announcements or discussion of the Wild Bunch changes.  I only became aware of it because someone mentioned it on Facebook a couple of days ago, and I run our club's Wild Bunch program. 


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Looking over the new rule book, the only mention I found on the mag release was about thinning years he grip to facilitate easier reach. Didn't see anything on the release itself, leading me think an extended one would indeed be illegal. 🤨

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Look on page 12 under Common Parameters: " - Standard length magazine release only- it may not be extended or oversized."


This used to be the rule only for Traditional.   For Modern, extended (but not Oversized) was OK.

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