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Lubrication Ruger SR1911

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SR1911 - Same lubing as any 1911.   Grease on the slide rails, barrel locking lugs, barrel bushing inside and out.   Oil on the tip of disconnector - 1 drop.  Most other parts on the 1911 only need to be clean to work, as the design and fit is so good that no lubing is needed.   And, I can't shoot a 1911 with it oozing oil out of all the openings - gun gets slippery (one handed).

Cast bullets deposit lots more fouling, grease, lead fragments into a semi-auto.   Cleaning is vital, lubing is optional.

If a part/joint slides and is open enough to apply it - use grease.  If things turn at 300+ RPM (hah) or you can't get to the part needing lube, then oil it.   If the gun "needs to be run wet" you have poor or tight fitting parts. Parts showing the finish worn off - are places needing a little lube. GJ

Oh, and if you are shooting below 0 F - stay home unless it's your own home under attack.  Serious cold weather needs a switch to very light grease or one that stays Mobil when cold.  I love Battle Born synthetic grease - probably about the equivalent of Slide Glide.


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