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Ruger 1911 front site problem

Leadfoot Luke

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Public Service Announcement -

During our state match, the front site broke off my wife's Ruger while shooting.  According to the Internet, this is a "known" problem that I hadn't heard about.  Ruger is sending us a replacement part, but I am concerned it may be the same MIM part as the original one, with the same durability problem.  I will probably install a quality aftermarket part for peace of mind.

For those of you with Rugers, you may want to do an Internet search and consider swapping out your front site.


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I find that with a 10-8 National Match rear sight, the front sight blade needs to be about 0.130" wide to leave just enough gap on each side for my eyes to center the front with even gaps when shooting distant targets.   That 0.190" would be rather chunky and probably need any rear opened up a good amount.

good luck, GJ


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15 hours ago, Smokewagon Grampies said:

Do you know what the correct sights are? If I remember correctly .190?


Smokewagon Grampies 

Depends on the rear sight but .190 tall is just about right for most. The Ruger I have in front of me is 186 tall. The Cylinder and Slide Strong Site Supported sight I install with the Harrison Design Retro rear sight usually ends up about .190-.195 tall depending on the shooter.

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