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Movement with a Long Gun


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I have attached a PDF document.


The document has a flowchart representing Movement with a Long Gun in Wild Bunch.


I am using the term "Long Gun" to represent both a rifle and a shotgun.


Have I documented the legal way the state of a Long Gun must be in to allow a Shooter to move with the Long Gun in hand?


Any and all comments, critiques, etc.are welcome.


Thank you,


Deputy Dan


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Well, no. 


You have the right ideas in mind and the requirements, but you don't have the general concepts of how to draw a decision chart, nor have you remembered that a toggle link rifle has a round on the carrier almost all the time.  So, requiring there be no round on the carrier for safe movement on a fired round in the chamber is not right.  Don't think the rules care about a round on carrier if you are in "fired round in chamber and action closed"  state.


If you look at the Miss Flow Chart shown in the Cowboy's Shooters Handbook, you will see how to combine several decisions, branch (split) the flow depending upon what the decision is (like - chamber loaded or chamber with empty case in it or chamber empty - that would be a three way split of logic).


It is actually simpler to understand the situation just with the rules than with what you have for a chart right now.  There is considerable promise in making up a good simple decision chart, so I would encourage you to try again.... perhaps starting with the really important decision diamond being the if action is open or closed.  Then, based on the first decision, you may not even need to question if there is a round on carrier.


Good luck, GJ


PS.  Here's a good tutorial on how decision flow charts are made up.





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Well, most of the rectangle blocks should be decision blocks (diamonds).  The No answer out of those blocks should flow out to a "Not Safe to Move" state (rectangle) block.  The final "Safe to Move" is a state block, so it is already shown properly as a rectangle.  Because that is what you are determining - is the gun safe to move with, or is it not safe.  Once even one of the conditions fails to be safe, the flow goes to the Not Safe to Move result, and the decision process stops.


However, when you use terms that the rule book does not use (like "no loaded round in chamber"), you will probably confuse folks, and take the chance of getting a slightly different meaning put into your chart (it may disagree with the rule book).  It may be shorter to use that term, but that is not the wording from the rule book.  Rule book usually says: "empty chamber or expended round (in chamber)"


Good luck, GJ



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