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Got a .22 conversion for my Colt series 70 1911

Sgt Hochbauer

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As the title says I received a .22 conversion with the 1911. The gun shoots perfectly with the .45 slide. But with the conversion it does not go into slide lock. I have tried 4 different types of ammo. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. It is a Colt conversion slide and barrel.



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Doesn't go to slide lock when last round is fired? 

Typically, ammo is too weak or something in the conversion kit is too tight a fit or too heavy a spring, to let the slide be pushed back far enough to trip the slide lock.  What brands of ammo have you tried? 

.22 conversion kits have a long history of being very finicky.   A good target pistol gunsmith would be the best solution I can recommend.

good luck, GJ

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