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First BAM/Cody Dixon Match at the Texican Rangers

Grouchy Spike

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Three of us did the inaugural BAM (modified) match at the Texican Rangers during the cowboy match.  Three bolt action rifles from WW1 and WW2 were used on the Cody Dixon targets - a 1903, 03A3, and a Mosin Nagant (with bayonet).  5 rounds loaded and one reload for six rounds total.  Yours truly missed the first target.  Stage fright perhaps?  Texas Tony and Marshal Willy used 1911s and I used a pair of 1917s.  This category offers a promise of more fun!  Watching Marshal Willy southpaw a right-handed Mosin Nagant bolt was something to see.


I can see (and felt) that 32 gr of 4064 with a 168 gr GC in 30-06  is more than needed for Cody Dixon targets, the most distant which are 74 yards.  I'm thinking Trail Boss now! 


Now if we can join those Long Range boys who use the strange rifles and the smokey powder........

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Sounds like tons of fun!


A lead slug (even with GC) at about 1500 FPS is more appropriate to much of what WB is trying accomplish with bolt-action rifles, whether in a stage like yours, or in a stand-alone BAMM (rifle only) match.  Maximum-Speed-onto-fairly-generous-target-at-short-distances (yep, for these rifles, 75 to 150 yards is a short distance).  Snap Shots, in other words.


To get that 1500 FPS, you surely can use a variety of powders, but some of the best are faster powders than 4064, ranging from Unique, to 2400, to 5744 (about 18-20 grains, perhaps),  to 4198 (fastest to slowest).  Trail Boss?  Maybe, but you won't find the folks who are shooting cast boolits regularly using TB by the truckload.


A good mil rifle with open sights ought to be able to shoot 2 to 2.5 MOA.  And, given a good bore, that is usually a good target for a quality cast boolit load.


Good luck, GJ 

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In my BAMM Rifles 1903's 1903A3's and the 98 Mauser with Lead Bullets I use IMR 4759 or you can use IMR 4227.  I use a bullet sized to .310.  Group size at 100yds with all my rifles will print 1 minute of angle. I push the vel. at 1550fps.

Works good and meters very good.



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