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Another 97 Question


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Hello Again


I know one of you guys that reads this knows the answer to this question.


Last night I was cleaning my 97. Now this is a process that does not happen very often. Actually, when it was dissembled I was surprised that it actually worked after looking at all the 'gunk' in the mechanisms.


So here is the question with descriptions to the best of my abilities:


I took off the ejector spring and screw and cleaned the area around their associated holes. Much to my surprise another little piece right behind the ejector spring fell off. Since I had never seen this little part before so I had to go look to see what it was called. On the Winchester Parts Schematic the little part that fell off is entitled as the 'Ejector Pin'. I cleaned the area and attempted to put the 'Ejector Pin' back in the frame, but as loose at it fits in its little hole there on that slide, I don't believe it is going to stay upon reassembly. I also suspect it is something that in needed for the 97 to function properly. I was really surprised that it had not fallen out earlier.


The real question here is when placing the Ejector Pin back into the frame should it be glued/welded or what (a smidgen of JB Weld)? Press fitting it back into its place without something to hold it there is not going to do the trick.


Any thoughts/help/suggestions here from you guys who know much more of this stuff and me would be greatly appreciated.


thanks a bunch -



Minden NV





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Thanks for the inquiry/response.


I actually found the part in question on the following web page:


http://marauder.homestead.com/files/97parts.htm  (not sure if this like works automatically, probably have to cut/paste)


It is listed as #76 on the Winchester 97 Parts Diagram on Marauders Web page.


It is just a stinky little part that you would not normally notice. It is on the left inside side of frame and located right smack dab behind the Extractor Spring. I would have thought that little sucker was a piece of the frame. I don't think the entire part is over 2.5 MM long, about 1 MM deep. You would not even know unless you went in there and started to poke around a bit. I can not imagine how I noticed that it was just hanging there. I was cleaning the inside with q-tips, carb. cleaner, and gun cleaner when I noticed it turned sideways.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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That is a reinforcing block that was used on, if I remember right, earlier variants of 97s to support the ejector spring so it would work better and break less.


If yours is loose, you can try to find a new one that will fit the pin hole tightly enough, but that may be real tough.  You may be best off soft soldering the block back in.  Gun Parts Corporation shows they have some in stock.  Item 45 on this page of catalog:



Good luck, GJ



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Tully  -  Joe


First of all thank you for your responses.


Yesterday, I figured out what the problem was.  I took the scattergun (Norinco 97) over to my friend and mentor's place (Deadeye Dick) and we spent an entire afternoon working on a couple of Chinese 97's. By the way, Deadeye HATES working on Chinese 97's. From my old US Coast Guard days, I thought I knew every bad word that existed  -  I was wrong . . . .


Well - getting back to my original problem. What we found out was that the Ejection Pin 'T' bottom had broken in half. The bottom middle half of the 'T' had been broken and was still in the 97's frame. After come careful looking with magnifying glasses, we found where the remaining piece had been pressed into the frame. The Chinese 97 and the Winchester 97 both take the same part. After we found where the pin came through the frame, the bottom half of the 'T' was punched through the frame leaving a hole for the new part to be pressed in. It fit quite tightly and will not fall out until it again brakes at some future date.


After a little bit of filing, reassembling, working the action, disassembling, filing, reassembling, etc, etc (I suspect you-all get the picture) the Chinese 97 again preforms flawlessly. 


Thanks everyone for reading and the thoughts you may have had.  Perhaps in 15 or 20 years I also may know just about everything there is to know on 97's, but I doubt it.



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