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Where. Is. A good. Place to buy. Bullets. For. Sass. Wild bunch. Shooting.


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For someone named "Quick" there sure are lots of pauses in the post.  I think some mobile phones tend to add periods to text.


Mr. Mule, are you looking for bullets or are you looking for ammunition?  If you want bullets I suggest Clark's Bullets and recommend the 200 grain SWCs.


I've never purchased any ammo with lead bullets in .45 ACP.

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Thanks NB.


That was the intent - to point out it might be just one more. 




QM - if you are a new shooter to WB, you would do well to find a local shooter to let you know where locally you can get good ammo, or  whether someone might load for you to get you started.


We almost all load our own, especially for .45 Auto, as there is almost no commercial ammo that is really suitable for this game.  For us to make a local recommendation, we would need to know where you are located.

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