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INCORRECT calls pertaining to the Model 12

Happy Jack

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I could not attend the Convention this year but Evil and Bubba are there meeting with the Ambassadors. It has been brought to our attention that there have been some SDQ's given incorrectly in relation to the Model 12 safety procedure. They will be discussed at the Convention with the Ambassadors to insure that correct information is given during the RO classes, but I wanted to give the general membership the same information.


The Model 12 Safety Procedure rule: Under the direct supervision of the TO/CRO on the firing line they must point the muzzle in a safe direction and pull the trigger. If the hammer falls, SDQ. Failure to follow this procedure is a SDQ. It is the shooter's responsibility to ensure this procedure in followed before beginning the course of fire. (WBAS Shooters Handbook pages 12 and 20)

Related definition: Course of fire: once the shooter has signified "ready", from the beep of the timer to the last shot fired. (WBAS Shooters Handbook page 27)


A SDQ is a MAJOR penalty and often determines the outcome of a match. We do not want them given incorrectly.


Some shooters are given SDQ's if they bring the SG to the line, lay it down and then go place their rifle, etc. They are given the SDQ as soon as the SG leaves their hands. That is WRONG. The rule clearly states that the Model 12 must be shown safe "before beginning the course of fire".


Some shooters are given SDQ's because they didn't VERBALIZE something like "I have a model 12" before showing the safety procedure. That is WRONG. While that is common and makes it easy to be sure the TO is "directly supervising" there is NOTHING in the rule requiring the shooter to say anything. They only have to be sure the TO is directly supervising while they perform the safety procedure.


As often happens in CAS people are reading things into the rule that are not there. Enforce the rule AS WRITTEN and those two serious miscalls will go away.


Again, thank you for participating in WBAS and Good Shooting!!!

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I am a believer that at the firing line, there are 2 ways to show the TO that M12's do not have a live round in the chamber:  my old way that gives the same results & the Rule Book way.  So at a local match I did a my way,one time, and knew I was a candidate for a SDG

* At the loading table put the bolt in battery on an empty chamber and then put the safe on - then load six

At the firing line released the safety, pulled the trigger and the loud 'click' was heard.  Yes, I said - SDG? and after discussion with the TO and MD and the Rule Book, I got my SDG but this one time only ... I was allowed to finish the stage because the book had to be read for the exact wording


I grew up on Ithaca 37's and the safe was always engaged with an empty chamber before I loaded and went into the field or blind

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