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Had my eye on this thing for the better part of a year. Everytime I would venture down to the lgs it would wink at me. Coupla weeks ago I sold a Marlin and the hunnerds been burnin' a hole in me pocket so tonite she came home with me.


Smith commander length barrel E model with the round butt and scandium frame.


Trijicon Novaks. Fish scale cocking serrations front and rear. Commander hammer, actually the new skeletonized version. Already had a full size stainless E (that now becomes my second most fave) but this new one is so much more svelte and sexy and quite a bit lighter. What's not to like. It sho am purdy. I love it.


This makes 8 1911s now. Yes it's a weakness.

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Congrats Lone Dog, it sure is a purdy pistol! LPL and I only have six 1911's. I sold some things I was not using anymore at a gun show last April. I was walking by a table and a 1967 Colt National Match in VG condition called out to me. So after a little discussion on a final price it came home with me and I still had  money in my pocket that was used for other purchases. :)



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Well Grouch I may not have deserved it but after stewing and chewing on it for so long I just had to have it. Gonna shoot it Sat at our regular 5th Sat WB shoot. It ain't WBAS okey dokey legal but around here nobody cares. Hell, half the time I am the only one shows up with a 1911. I think the most we ever had for a WB posse was like 6 mebbe 7 and it has fallen off thru the years to where it's no more than 3. Durn it...


Shoot fire, wanta shoot a 9mm 1911? Hi Power, Luger, Radom, Nambu, Tok? Fine and james dandy just show up...

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Well she sure shot sweet, and helped me retain my CRR WB title. No sweat as once again I was the only one showed up with a 1911, the other 8 shooters shot regular CAS.


No blips or bobbles and most of all no misses. I have never ever been so in love with a firearm. Light as a wand, hammer of Thor it almost shoots itself and it's projectiles track right into the target seemingly without operator input or guidance. Kinda sorta almost like a fire and forget system...


I want to be buried with it, it will be my constant companion.

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