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Colt 1991 and Win 94AE

Col Del Rio

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If the 1991 Colt doesn't have items or accessories that are not allowed, then it can be used in Wild Bunch traditional with no problem.


Sorry, there is no short stroke available for a Winchester 94. If it is chambered for a caliber that is allowed in Wild Bunch just shoot it as is until you get ready to up-grade to a rifle that can be short stroked.  Winchester and Uberti '73s along with '66s are the most common ones that are short stroked.


Pistol must be .45 caliber and rifle .40 or larger in a pistol caliber.



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2. I have a Win 94 (45LC). I'd like to get a short stroke kit for this rifle. What are the better brands?


Many folks have a Win 94 chambered for 45 Colt.  Not a single one has ever reported that is it anything but balky and clunky when you try to run it fast.  Surprise!  It's a rifle length design that was modified to shoot pistol cartridges.


Because it is so clunky, no gunsmiths I know of even want to do much tuning, let along try to figure out how to short stroke it.  Would be like hotrodding a Rambler rather than starting with a Camaro or Mustang or deuce coupe.  Results wouldn't be all that fast, and it won't look good either.


Save that 94 for when you want to shoot Ruger level loads at pigs, bears or cats.


Good luck, GJ

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