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How to reduce weight on a 1911 for traditional class

Jack Spade

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As the title states I have a 1911 I want to shoot in traditional class and decided to check the weight on a scale.  Turns out my milspec gun weighs 40.5 oz with a magazine inserted.  The scale I am using is pretty accurate but I am going to double check it. So how do you reduce weight?  Drill holes in the frame under the grips? 

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Does it have a rail?   Remove - it's illegal in Traditional.   

Arched mainspring housing?  Replace with straight anodized aluminum or plastic one.

Steel trigger? Replace with aluminum.

It is allowed to make ejection port relief cuts even on a Traditional gun, and a good idea too unless your ejection is well tuned.

Do you have a base pad on that magazine?  Remove.   And check with several of your mags - some may be heavier than others.

And, you are allowed a grip cut at the magazine release for "relief" - there is no spec'd limit on how much that relief can be (hint).

You are also allowed beveling of the magazine well. I bevel enough that the bottom edge of the frame is close to a "knife edge." 

As mentioned above, it is real unusual for a real govt spec gun to come in that heavy.  My Colt series 70 from the 1970s is only 37.5 or so.  You are only looking for a half ounce shaving off, since the weight limit for Traditional is 40 ounces.

good luck, GJ


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I think the first thing I am going to try is an aluminum mainspring housing.  Don't care for the plastic ones.  I have a set of stag grips on it but they are thinner than the wood, maybe that added the extra weight.  I will weigh my magazines and see what I come up with.  No rail or anything not milspec on the gun except those grips.  I am going to have $2k in this $500 pistol before I am done! LOL! 

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