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a list of 1911s

Crazy Mingo

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Howdy Friends, ;D I hate to be a pain with dumb Questions. :-\.1st I plan on shooting Traditional.. I was planing on ordering a Rem R1 basic. :P. today I ran into a springfield 1911-A1 . Mil-spec..and did not know if would fit my needs. is there a list of 1911's that I can pick from. :-\.and just what is allowed to be done to the 1911. ;)


Thank you Crazy Mingo 8)

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Crazy Mingo,

While there is no "list" of guns to choose from, there is a Shooter's Handbook with all the legal specifications for a Traditional legal gun and most everything that isn't legal.

If the Springfield 1911 A-1 is factory, it should be fine for traditional. If it has been modified, it may or may not be.

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Mingo, I have both the Rem R1 and the SA Mil-Spec.  I used a magic marker to darken the white dots on the R1's sights.  The hammer spring on my Mil=Spec is the strongest I've ever seen, so strong that I had difficulty retracting the slide with the hammer down.  I changed out the hammer spring to a lighter spring, either 19 or 21, and removed the ILS while I was at it.  Required a standard GI hammer strut, main spring housing and internals.  Brownells had a kit at one time.  Inexpensive.  The trigger on the Mil-Spec is perhaps slightly smoother and lighter than that on the R1.  Go with either.
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I've seen both used to good effect by Traditional shooters.  Both have more visible sights than a "GI" type 1911 (while still legal) and both are available in stainless (also legal) if you prefer a stainless gun.


I think the Springfield is a Series 70 while the Remington has a Series 80 type hammer block.  In case you prefer one over the other.

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