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One way I've seen chronographing done is for the selected shooters to be approached when at the loading table and asked to give up ten pistol rounds and same number of rifle rounds.   Done at loading table so that loads the shooter actually uses are tested, not just "special box of ammo from the cart."    Five rounds get shot over chrono from the match's selected firearms.   If some unusual caliber rifle is being used, the competitor's rifle is used by match officials at a time which does not interrupt the stage. 

One round is pulled apart and bullet weight is obtained.

Failures of the 5-shot average power factor (calculated from average velocity and actual weight of bullet) to make minimum power factor are retested.   The shooter is given one more chance, providing their own firearms and the match officials will shoot the remaining collected ammo.  Done because some competitor guns show higher velocities than the match test firearms might.

Failure to make power factor even by one-tenth of a unit is a Match DQ from Scoring, with shooter allowed to finish match but not eligible for awards.

Testing before match starts is encouraged.   How this will ensure the shooter's actual match ammo is what is tested is not described, however.

All this is covered pretty well in the Wild Bunch Range Operations / Match Directors Handbook, Appendix B.   Match directors are allowed deviations from the full procedures written there, as long as testing is done consistently.

good luck, GJ

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The guidelines for chrono testing are on page 23 of the RO/MD handbook.

Edit: Since there is mixed information in this thread, here is an excerpt directly from the MD/RO handbook (but, I don't think anyone should "weight" your bullet after it's pulled 😬) :

"One round will have the bullet pulled and weighted. Then, the remaining
four rounds will be fired over the chronograph. The average velocity of the
three fastest recorded rounds will be used to calculate power factor."

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I have never seen a Chrono at a Cowboy action Match either.

The Chrono has been used at most State and Above Wild Bunch Action Shooting Matches that I have attended.

Procedures are outlined in the handbook.

Pays to have a Chronograph to check your loads before attending a Big Match!

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