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G'day Folks!
Wanted to see what other lads are using as second most important thing after your gun : hats! I'm only recently got into world of Wildbunch(and cowboy shooting in general) so been looking for a good option nearby. One of the stores has good selection of Stetson hats and that name rings a bell, been thinking about getting this one.

So what cowboy hats are you folks wearing? All photos are welcome!

P.S This is the one I'm gonna try to get my hands on


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Welcome! You're going to like it here.

It's tough to beat the look and authenticity of a campaign hat, but I like a wide brim because it's often sunny and hot in Southern Arizona. This is a pretty cheap hat that works well for most SASS shooting, but I do have to push it up or remove it when shooting long range or BAMM from the bench. I accidentally won a shooting costume contest as a "vigilante" with the pictured getup, and that was a nice surprise.

Link to hat: https://bigbendsaddlery.com/Palm-Leaf-Hats-c72522235

Pictured (L to R): Artemus Von Schutze (MO 2021 Traditional State Champ and fine example of a Bavarian costume), me in the award-winning hat (ha!), and Able N Willin with a nice example of a cavalry-ish hat.



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TFJ, you get points in my book for being tough enough to wear the steel helmet.  I bought one and it’s ability to transfer heat and cold was amazing!  The summer try resulted in broiler on my head with that steel helmet being hot enough it was very uncomfortable to touch. Cold was equivalent to a bag of ice on my head!

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