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Loading issure with the Winchester M12i


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Hi wild bunch guys,

first greeting from europe, we shoot wild bunch in austria with a great pleasure.

So i come to my problem: i get a Winchester M12 Gauge 12 2 3/4 (produced in 1953)

The most times it works but sometimes there is a loading problem (you have a "felling" in the handling something sucks/plugged?) -> it ´s no matter of slow or fast handling

or hold it horizontly -inclined.

Below i take some pict ´s after a feeling to get a disturbance. So what parts  of the feeding system (without shells there an absolute fine function) are known of 

make problems?

We are rather not similar with such type of shootguns because there are normaly absolut prohibited in austria.  



problem 01.jpg

problem 02.jpg

problem 03.jpg

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HI Robgun -

I also had problems with a Model 12 like you are describing. After many frustrating hours I finally came across this:


Ordered a couple of them. One used ans one old/new stock. The old/new stock would not work in the gun. When cycling the old/new stock locked up the gun tighter than a drum. Apparently it had to be tuned. Placed in the used one ordered and have not had a problem since.

The other solution for you is to hold you gun angled to your left, if you can remember to do that when shooting as fast as you can. This seems to work also, but not as reliable as the carrier with a flag.

Kinda spendy but I believe your problems will be solved.

good luck!!





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