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Doughboy and Teddy Roosevelt at the California State Championship

Tully Mars

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This years California State WB match offered a two stage Doughboy and Teddy Roosevelt side match. We weren't sure just how popular it would be, so we kept it to two stages, most shot TR, a handful shot DB. Many folks approached me during the weekend mentioning that they are now looking for a DB rifle.

We used a shared bay, with one posse and kept the round count at 5 rifle for each category. The same rifle scenarios were used by both TR and DB. Future matches will have a higher rifle round count, we were concerned about, striper clips and time. So we kept it simple. In time we will increase the round count of both categories.

One stage had a Texas Star as the rifle target, the other three 12" hanging Diamonds, both were set at 25 yards.

Folks seemed to like it. 


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That’s really good for the first rattle out of the box.  Using a loaner rifle was a powerful tool for us to spread BAMM etc. pretty much could give a shooter 10 rounds on 2 stripper clips and they were hooked!  We did that to Grouchy Spike and  when he got back to south Texas bought a rifle and did the same thing. I bet he hooked 40-50 shooters by himself! 

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48 minutes ago, Artemus said:

This is great to hear. I love seeing TR and DB getting out to the masses. Now if I could just shoot DB full time for a main match I would be set!

We've had DB and TR categories during our monthly WB matches. Folks enjoy it. 

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