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Armscor/Rock Island Arsenal T1897 Shotgun

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I saw an inquiry on Facebook whether this shotgun is SASS-legal.  I was not aware that RIA was making a ‘97 clone and it turns out, despite the product name, that they don’t.  This appears to be a reproduction of an Ithaca Model 37 in “trench gun” configuration.  Alert commenters on Facebook told the fellow that it was not legal. FYI to those on this forum who may be asked about it.

Nothing is more discouraging to a new shooter than shelling out money for a new gun, just to be told that it’s not legal.

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Really bad product naming and management by a company desperate (?) to make money off of the history of a historic shotgun, IMHO.  There's nothing wrong with making a clone of an Ithaca 37 - great gun in it's own rights.  Just name it accordingly so novice gun buyers are not deceived.

Here's a retailer with ad copy advertising it as a 1897 shotgun!


good luck, GJ

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