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Modern 1911 advice needed - much thanks

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Hi there - been shooting basic cowboy SASS the past two years. I love the people and the sport. Looking to start wild bunch too. I realize this could lead to a big discussion, but I'd rather get it right up front.


I need help understanding what modern 1911s are acceptable?  How to make sure a modern "off the shelf" is compliant with the sport?  I'm a lefty, I'd like the safety and mag release on the right side of the gun if allowed. Any list or web page link is truly appreciated.  I really like Dan Wesson 1911s but would considering buying one ready to go from one of our CAS gunsmiths if needed.


Hope everyone's families are safe and finding laughs in these crazy times.

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Rule book says for a Traditional gun -

Standard thumb safeties only. May not be extended.


Ambidextrous safeties were not part of original 1911 design.  Doubt one would be accepted on a Traditional gun. 


Ambi thumb safeties are explicitly allowed on Modern category guns.


You will have ABSOLUTELY no need for or usage of the thumb safety when shooting Wild Bunch.  So it doesn't matter on a gun that is devoted to Wild Bunch competition.  Gun does have to HAVE a working thumb safety, though, even if it is never used.



Figure out if you are going to shoot your 1911 one handed (Traditional) or two (Modern).  THAT will decide your main category.  Then pick a gun that suits the category, per the rule book.


Rules here:

the pdf version of WB shooters handbook:



the page on which you find the pdf to download:



good luck, GJ

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Good to know on mag release for lefty and it makes sense that the safety just needs to be in working order


I will definitely be shooting modern for the two handed grip regardless of the type of 1911 I buy


I'm meeting some of our local wild bunch team this weekend and hope to sort this out soon


Thanks to all for the help

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Shot my Auto Ordnance 1911 today at our WB/CAS match. Nothing fancy, a good solid 1911, shot it duelist, fed 200 gr long nosed swc loads perfectly. Came in second overall [out of 15] with 5 misses but in all honesty there were a lot of rifle problems for some of the other shooters. A little over half were cowboys. We had a good time. BAMM/CAS next month.
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Guest Little bear

Ty for the continued follow up- met our local wild bunch peeps in Emmitt Idaho on Sunday -  great people- great shooters - can't wait to practice with them-- I will look into the Springfield, auto ordinance and rugers - much thx guys 

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Ruger makes one of the best 1911s under 1k money can buy. 70s series. Lots of features most shooters would want out of the box. Feed reliably with good ammo. Have nice triggers. If I didn't already have 2 great STIs for the past 15 years and was saving money, I would start with the Ruger. I also carried a ruger lightweight commander 45 for years and was pleased they're one of the few companies that reinforce their frames. 

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