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Back 40

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Congrats Elwood!  Looks like you burned things down!



Say, Back 40, you might know.  I did not find the stage description for the Sgt York side match anywhere.  Can you or someone else sketch out how that was shot at EOT?


Oh, digging deeper in the archives and I found it =


SERGEANT YORK – Wednesday, March 2 – 2:00pm to 4:00 pm

Beyond Bay 14, beside the BAMM match - 5 rifle, 6 pistol

Two rifle targets at 100 and 125 yds.  Six pistol targets from 50 to 25 yds.


thanks, GJ

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First, the rifle targets were in a little closer this year because they were smaller than usual.  Next year the two rifle targets will be larger but set at 100 and 150 yards.  The six pistol targets are set in at an angle so all are easily visible and not overlapping. 

Shooter starts standing, 5 rounds in their BAMM rifle, shouldered, bolt open.  They must shoot standing and the only support allowed is a sling appropriate for the particular rifle.

At the buzzer, the shooter alternates on the two rifle targets for 5 rounds.  They make the rifle safe and with the pistol (holstered, magazine inserted, no round in the chamber) engage the 6 pistol targets in a sweep, starting on the farthest target.

It is a take from the incident from which Sgt York received the Medal of Honor. 


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