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EOT 2022 Congratulations to all the wild Bunch shooters and winners!

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The largest wild Bunch Match anywhere ever! 10 great wild Bunch stages! We had our own unique wild bunch side matches.

Everything ran on time or ahead of schedule. Hats off to Serenity THE Match Director and Legendary Lawman. We had our own wild bunch awards ceremony with food in the big tent.

Hey gang,Wild Bunch has grown up!

Congratulations to our winners of winners


Ladies :Holy Terror


Men’s: Shell Stuffer

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If only EoT was a little closer, I'd go to it all the time. It was a phenomenal match with some top notch shooters keeping everyone non their toes.


We fit in some great side matches to boot! I am always up for adding in some Teddy Roosevelt and Doughboy action!

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I was really impressed with the quality of the match; far more so than any I have yet seen on the National level, and a match for the AZ and CA state matches, which have been my benchmarks for excellence.  Well Done, Serenity, and Winter Trail, or End of Range, or whatever they're calling it, now!  And, congrats on your Men's OA win, SStuffer!




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