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I saw a previous post of yours, and you used Unique.


Not locked into just one powder.  I use what works, and with a 300 grain slug, I got better groups with 2400 than with Unique.    Both work, just 2400 shoots better in my gun.  You would have to test what works for YOU.  Cast bullet loads depend SO much on what each rifle shoots well.  Much more than jacketed bullet loads. 


That cast bullet load shoots real well with 19 grains 2400 - 1" groups in my Marlin at 100 yards.  With 12 grains of Unique, was more like  2" groups.  Both are plenty accurate for Teddy Roosevelt matches.


Use a 405 grain bullet in any loads?


One can.  The recoil with 405 grain slug is 33% higher than the recoil of a 300 grain slug at same velocity.  For shooting steel quickly at 50 yards or less, one is better served with a light bullet.  Especially if one can get a nice group and consistent feed and function.  But, the 405 grain bullet can shoot well in the Marlin, too.  Mine gave about 1" 100 yard groups or slightly larger with 12 grains of Unique, too, in my tests last summer.


Lots of 405 grain and heavier bullets won't feed in Marlin 1895s when seated to crimp in the crimp groove. The standard Lyman 457193 design needed to crimp at the top of the driving band, above the crimp groove. 


good luck, GJ

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I tried two powders with 300 gr coated bullets, Federal large rifle primers, and new Starline brass.

Trailboss 14 gr gave a velocity of 1190 fps.  2400 19 gr. gave 1170 fps.  The latter seemed to have a more abrupt "impulse."


What sights are preferred for TR?  I was using a tang mounted sight and an aperture front sight.  I wonder if it would be more difficult to acquire a target with this set up.  I could always put the factory sights back on.

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Type of sights is really personal preference.  What ever you can use faster.  I like a sight picture just like my main match rifle - a flat-notched rear sight blade, and a post with medium bead front.  TR is never going to be a match that requires precision. 


I don't like a tang sight for a quick shot.


good luck, GJ

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