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Hello everyone

Thank you for your patience.  The Wild Bunch Rule books now consist of the Shooters Handbook, Version 16.3 and the Range Operations and Match Director Guide, Version 15.2.  They are posted under the RULES heading on this website. 

They contain the amalgamation of the three manuals we previously had and have been updated with the 2022 revisions.  In addition to the rule changes as outlined in the 2022 Synopsis, we changed some wording to make some rules easier to interpret.

We are hoping that with two books, you will find it easier to look up issues.

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With the introduction of the 2022 manuals, the Wild Bunch rules were reorganized from three manuals into a Shooter’s Manual, and a Range Operations and Match Director’s Manual.  The idea was to make it easier to find rules and reduce any repetition.  As you can image, this took a lot of work to make sure nothing was left out while nothing was repeated.  The Wild Bunch Range Operations Committee worked closely with SASS on this project.  We wanted to have it finished and published in early January.

As it turned out, even with proof reading, some mistakes were noticed after the fact, and it was felt that these mistakes should be corrected right away.  In version 16.2, some of the necessary changes were grammar related and some were references made to the wrong new page number.

Most changes were very minor.  The only two real changes in wording were:

1.     Page 18 – the explanation on categories was reworded for clarification.

2.     Page 31 – Glossary of Terms, Basketball Travelling Rule – reworded for clarification.

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