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New! 5th Saturday Belton, SC

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Announced today-the Belton Gun Club in Upstate South Carolina (home of the Belton Bushwhackers and host club for “The Bushwhack”, the 2022 South Carolina State Match), will hold 5th Saturday Wild Bunch matches beginning January 29, 2022.


Match Director Gerald Dunn alias Dun Gamblin (alias Sergeant Dork in Wild Bunch) is an experienced cowboy match Director who has been shooting Wild Bunch for years.  The Belton club is a great facility with wide separated shooting bays and lots of reactive steel.


I knew 2022 was going to be a good year for shooting.  This is just icing on the cake.  No, it’s another cake.  A big one!

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One point of clarification; there will not be a match on the 5th Saturday of April due to a conflict with a previously scheduled USPSA Sectional match.


We expect to have a four stage Wild Bunch mini match on Thursday April 7, which is side match day for “The Bushwhack”- the 2022 South Carolina state match.

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Less than a week away from the match.

Belton is making it easy to participate by allowing:

Any SASS-legal rifle

Any 1911 pistol

Any pump shotgun 

A few people in the area own semiauto Thompson carbines.  Belton has a “gangster” category for them.

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We had 13 shooters, fewer than I had hoped but everyone seemed to have a good time.  Napa Sidewinder came from Tennessee to shoot with us; another great guy.  Aren’t all WBAS shooters the best?

The next  fifth Saturday falls on December 31 so there probably won’t be a match (despite my protest).

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