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TEXAS DOUGHBOYS are proud to present BAMMBALOOZA 21’

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TEXAS DOUGHBOYS are proud to present the nation’s first



October 30-31 two big days of the greatest side events ever devised!  Each event has its own winner’s men’s and women’s enameled medal to facilitate your bragging to third place.

No overall winner. Shoot all or a few. Only $50.00


Held at our home range, Gunrunners shooting sports 2763 FM 1125 Bowie, Texas 76230


See our Facebook page for a video.


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You folks gonna require shooters run the Garands with lead/gas checked only?  Or with jacketed slugs?  Any velocity limitations, regardless of whatever bullets are allowed?  Just a hint - it will be tough enough running the Garands with lead bullets....and especially tough if you have a fairly low maximum velocity limit as well.


good luck, GJ

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GJ, you need to come out to this! Garands will be running lead we don’t have a velocity limit but feel that the garand operates with lead best at around 18-2000 fps. They run great with the Purcella g.c. Bullet. Very easy forgiving rifle. Now we have found that the 30 carbine with lead or jacketed has to run a lot closer to factory velocity to operate reliably.
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It took me a while, but I worked out the bugs in getting successful loads for my grand and carbine. Using the bullet recommended above, and a load in the mid range with 3031 for the Lyman 170 gr cast bullet, I get reliable cycling in my 1943 SA Garand. Not so good results with 2400.  I load to an overall length of 3.03.



For my Saginaw Carbine, using a 110 grain coated bullet, I use the low end loads Lyman recommends for their 113gr cast bullet with h Unique.  Works fine.  OAL 1.680.


Of course what works on your rifles may vary.

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Bammbalooza 21’ is just about here.

We have the food truck with the award winning Bbq everyone loves so much.

The weather is looking to be absolutely perfect

We have a special target system for Audie Murphy ( m1 carbine) and G.I. Joe (garand) that should be a treat.....or trick depending on your point of view!

Trench sweep will be in the ravine. A shell belt would be nice.

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