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Cowboy Silhouette Match - July 31st - Sierra Vista, AZ

C.N. Double

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Come one, come all! The Montezuma Muzzleloaders are hosting a cowboy silhouette match this Saturday (July 31st) at the Sierra Vista Shooting Range. Setup starts at 9am.


This is a fun and relaxed shoot where you can practice your long-range shooting with pistol-caliber SASS-legal rifles (lead bullets only). We shoot knock-down style silhouettes at 40,50,75, and 100m. A typical match consists of 40 shots for score, with unlimited sighters and practice. If you are any good, you won't go hungry -- winners are awarded with a can of beans.


Many of us use our WBAS main match rifles for this shoot.


Target details (we shoot 1/2 scale targets)


Following the silhouette match, several of us will be bringing other older rifles (BAMM, Teddy Roosevelt, cowboy long range, etc.) to sight in and plink with. We may have an informal BAM/TR match if there is enough interest. Bring whatever you want (no modern guns) -- we'll have AR500 steel set up at various distances to play with.



We hope you'll join us!

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