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The Remington Model 14

C.N. Double

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I had an opportunity today to load for and shoot a Model 14 in .35 Remington that was built 100 years ago. The rifle seems to have original parts, but the stock has been refinished (poorly), and I think it's been cut down. It had a replacement butt plate that didn't fit.


I spent 3 hours cleaning it, and I'm not done yet. It seems the previous owner(s) simply hosed it down with oil before putting it away. It's been shot a lot, but there is almost no rust on it (a little on the mag tube under the foregrip). All that oil has attracted loads of gunk build-up over the years -- I think it's been disassembled and cleaned rarely, if ever.


I loaded a couple of test loads as follows. Both shot well, and I think either will work for shorter range TR.


5.0gn VV N320

125gn moly coated Bear Creek bullet (.358) -- yes, the very same bullet used by many cowboy shooters

Grafs brass

Winchester LR primer

2.22 oal

avg vel 996fps

max spread 27fps



5.0gn Unique

125gn moly coated Bear Creek bullet (.358)

Grafs brass

Winchester LR primer

2.22 oal

avg vel 972fps

max spread 48fps



- mag only holds 4 rounds, oops. Should it be 5? No worries, though -- it's fun to reload, but it does require finesse.

- 2 of 3 tries, the last round didn't want to chamber. It banged around inside the receiver and mucked up the brass a bit, but with a little shaking and coaxing, it chambered just fine. No issues chambering or extracting/ejecting otherwise.

- loading took a little finesse too. I couldn't get a great crimp without smooshing down the neck of the brass. I think a Lee FCD will help, but I'm not sure it needs it. I don't think the crimp is a problem.


All in all, I think it will be a fun and unique rifle for TR. Reloading it on the clock might be a little trippy, but it will make a fun challenge.


I expect to shoot it this coming weekend as a TeddyBoy (Model 14 + 1903a3), so I'm sure I'll get some more data then.


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