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Definition of “loaded” and related penalties

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In looking over the new rules for 2021 I focused on the definition of “loaded” as “any firearm with unfired rounds in the chamber”.  This is not new, glancing back over prior versions it looks like the definition changed in 2019.


Prior to 2019 the definition was the same as in CAS, namely, a firearm with a live round in the action, the chamber, or in the magazine.


What I had not focused on before is the difference in penalties for a dropped gun, or for sweeping someone.  Obviously it’s a Stage DQ with an unloaded gun, Match DQ if loaded, but I had not considered how the definition affects the call.


For example, if a cowboy shooter bumps a staged rifle off of a table, it’s a MDQ because there are rounds in the magazine.  A Wild Bunch shooter gets a SDQ because the rifle is not “loaded” since it was staged with the chamber empty.


I don’t see many dropped firearms, but it does happen.  If it does, I want to make the correct calll.

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