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Bushwhack at Gator Pond April 23-25, 2021 Deadwood LA

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After much hand wringing and consternation, the Deadwood Marshals Club has decided to conduct Bushwhack at Gator Pond 2021 on 23-25 April, 2021.  This will be a Wild Bunch Action Shooting match following the SASS standards.  However, as before, we will include an OPEN category for those who can't quite satisfy all the SASS requirements/rules and still want to shoot.  The OPEN details are on our web page.  We have decided not to be the State Championship this year in the interest of simplicity.


Fun, Food, and Shooting will remain great as as always.  Friday afternoon will be an open range with several stages set up for various type of shooting.  We will provide a pot luck dinner with food and drink (soft drinks and beer).  We will also provide lunches on Sat and Sun.  There will be a Dutch Treat dinner at the host hotel as before.  Plan on 5 stages each on Sat and Sun with awards around 1pm on Sunday.


The round count will AVERAGE per stage (10 total): 28 (4 mags) pistol; 7 rifle; 6 shotgun. 


More details will be forthcoming and will be available on our web page: http://www.deadwoodmarshals.com/wild-bunch-match.html

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